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Jennifer White

Simply made from the best ingredients

The best meals are those that are simply made and start with the freshest, and most seasonal ingredients. We've taken this same approach when crafting our natural makeup.  We start with ingredients that you can pronounce and might find in your pantry like olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, rosemary, green tea, and orange peel and combine them with organic, sustainably sourced ingredients like shea butter, and cocoa butter to create simple formulas that work with your skin.  The ingredients are not masked or watered down with synthetic additives and instead work together to highlight the benefits of each ingredient creating a symbiotic relationship.  Something often found in nature.



Local is confidence

Being 'localavors' at heart, it only makes sense that all of our products are made locally too. We are made in strawberry country, just north of Los Angeles and have been deeply involved in the manufacturing proces. This includes first-hand site visiting, knowing exactly how the product is made, and knowing the backstory of each and every ingredient that goes into our products. By knowing our products inside and out, we are able to guarentee that our natural makeup has never been tested on animals, and is vegan to the core. If we were to choose to manufacture outside of this country, we wouldn't be able to guarantee the quality of our line the way we can when it is made right here in the US.


We believe in supporting our communities

We are honored to be able to support our local economy. Driving jobs and contributing to the overall growth of the US is important to us. After all, we believe that local is best.


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