It’s time for summer sunshine, picnics in the park, and lazy days on the beach. But if you’re not careful with your summer skincare routine, those extra hours in the sun and humidity can impact your skin. From increased exposure to UV rays, higher temperatures and greater humidity levels, your skin can suffer from sunburn, age spots, and extra oil production, too.

All of these reasons means it’s time to adjust your skincare routine! Here are some of our favorite ways to usher in the sunshine and keep your skin glowing and healthy using our natural skincare essentials.  

natural beauty products in clear makeup bag for 4 ways to perfect your summer skincare routine

1. Cleanse 

With high temperatures and intense humidity, cleansing your skin is important in getting rid of excess oil, sweat, dead skin cells that can clog your pores, and other pollutants on your face. 

To help keep summer skin clean but not completely stripped dry, our go-to cleanser is One Over One’s Micellar Cleansing Water. With each pump, the cleanser formula turns into foam, making it easier to efficiently take off any makeup and pore-clogging elements from your face. It’s also a makeup remover, toner and hydrator all-in-one so it’s an easy option for weekend getaways, too. Use in the morning to wash away overnight sweat and oil buildup and to refresh and reset skin, and then at night to wash off everything from your day! 

2. Moisturize and Protect

In the summer, you are less likely to need heavy moisturizers. But if you still need a bit of extra hydration, using a non-comedogenic moisturizer with SPF is the way to go. You should wear sunscreen daily no matter what season, but if you’re in the sun more this summer, remember to reapply throughout the day! 

No matter what skin type or concerns you have, SPF should be a staple in your summer skincare routine. Bonus points if you choose a mineral based sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc that doesn’t harm ocean life and coral reefs! It’s also important to protect your skin in other ways, such as wearing a hat, sitting in the shade, and avoiding the sun during its peak hours. 

3. Replace Foundation with Pure Luminizers

In the summer, go lighter on your foundation and base makeup and let skin breathe. But, if you want a little help in making your bare complexion look radiant, reach for a light, subtle luminizer. They’re quite versatile and can be used to add dimension to the face by highlighting certain features, diffuse the look of discolorations, and can give the complexion an all-over radiant glow as if your skin is lit from within. 

Apply the luminizer anywhere on the face where the sun naturally falls, such as the bridge of the nose, brow bone, the top of your cheekbones, at the center of your lower lips, and right above your cupid’s bow.  One Over One’s Sheer Light & Sheer Bright Natural Luminizers give your skin that soft, dewy look and keep you glowing across all the seasons. 

4. Nourish

Let’s not forget the lips! Chapped dry lips might be a concern throughout the year but it seriously gets tested in the summer months with the ongoing exposure to the pool, sun and heat. Using a hydrating & deeply nourishing lip oil infused with essential oils such as rosehip and coconut can help keep your lips super moisturized and smooth all summer long. 

As an added bonus, One Over One’s natural lip oils gives your pout a luminous shine and kiss of color that is perfect for the summer months. Our light, non-sticky formulas glide on the lips smoothly and the color doesn’t fade away. 

Clean, Natural Skincare For Summer Ready Skin

You don’t need a lot of makeup to have that beautiful summer radiance. By using natural skincare products packed with nourishing oils, botanicals and organic ingredients, your skin will be left as healthy and glowy as it looks. Showcase you natural beauty and check out One Over One’s natural skincare and beauty line.

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