With an overwhelming amount of skin care products on the market, it can be hard to tell which ones are right for your skin and which ones you actually need.

Bottles of cleansers, toners and refreshing beauty waters all claim to do one thing the other product doesn’t and it’s easy to end up with too many products in your skincare routine.

Then, there are micellar waters.

They’ve been trending for a couple of years now but do you know why? They're surprisingly multifunctional. Designed to be a cleanser, makeup remover, toner and hydrator all at once, it might be that magical product you’ve been looking for to declutter your bathroom counter.

What is Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water originated in France and has gained momentum around the globe as a trending health product with a multitude of uses. The water is made up of microscopic micelles that trap and draw out impurities in the skin, such as oils, makeup and pollution.

A powerful, yet gentle cleansing product, micellar water is a non-rinse, soap-free alternative to harsh face wipes or skin-drying toners and astringents.

Beauty Benefits of Micellar Cleansing Water

1. All-In-One Skincare

    Micellar water combines a multitude of uses into one product. The micelle molecules work to attract dirt and sebum like a magnet, dissolving away the impurities and any makeup residue. Simply pump the micellar water onto a cotton pad and swipe the day away. Working to cleanse your skin and remove makeup in one effective step, there is no oily or tightening effects leftover, just a fresh, clean face. It can also be used to clean your makeup brushes!

    2. Nourishes and Clears Skin

      There are no toxins or harsh chemicals in our micellar water. Without soap, alcohol or other detergents, your skin does not dry out and instead feels nourished with a dewy finish. By cleaning your skin of sebum and waxy compounds that cause breakouts, it works to naturally clear your skin of all redness and irritation.

      3. Suitable for all Skin Types

        With the gentle effects of the cleanser, it can be used on all skin types and at any time of the day. Use it in the morning before applying your moisturizer and makeup, or use it after a long day at work to refresh your complexion for a night out.

        4. Fast and Easy to Use

          If you tend to crash into bed with a full face of makeup on because you are too tired to get through your normal 5 step skin routine, keep a bottle of micellar water on your nightstand as an easy and fast way to get your makeup off after the day. Just pump some into a cotton ball and swipe all the oils and makeup off your face.

          5. Travel and Gym-Friendly

            You don't need to have a sink nearby in order to use micellar water. A great pick when traveling or on vacation, you can skip stuffing your entire skincare routine into your suitcase and just toss in your micellar cleansing water and some cotton pads. It also is great for cleansing post-workout at the gym.

            100% Natural Micellar Cleansing Water

            Now that you know the beauty benefits of micellar cleansing water, are you ready to simplify your skin care routine? Our 100% natural micellar cleanser gently wipes away the day’s impurities without stripping skin of essential moisture. Formulated without harsh chemicals, our micellar cleanser has been whipped into a unique lightweight foam that spreads easily over the face while also eliminating any wasted product that you get with saturating a cotton pad. With no rinsing necessary, you’ll have a clean, fresh face in a breeze.

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