As temperatures drop, and that holiday spirit fills the air, it’s easy to spend more time decking the halls than caring for ourselves. While the holiday season can be a magical time, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Before you get too wrapped up in the frenzy, make sure to set aside some time for yourself.

Dial in Your Diet

While it’s definitely okay to indulge in grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, make sure you prioritize nutritious meals and wholesome snacks when not celebrating. Balancing healthy meals with indulgent treats will ensure you have more energy for shopping and chatting with friends and family all season long. Try trading chips and dip for carrots and hummus and swapping cookies for some Pumpkin Almond Date Balls to reduce the post-holiday bloat and fatigue that is all too familiar to most of us.

Stay Limber

Driving for hours, sitting through endless dinners, and rolling on the floor with little ones can leave you exhausted and stiff. With less daylight and fewer hours to exercise, it’s more important than ever to find opportunities to keep your blood flowing and your mind focused. Can’t make it to a class? Try an app like Down Dog to get your flow on anywhere. Whether it’s a light yoga routine in the morning or a quick sequence while standing at your desk, your body will thank you for honoring it.

Streamline Your Beauty Routine

When dashing between activities like dropping off the kids and holiday parties, the last thing you want to do is worry about when you’ll have time to apply your makeup. Keep it simple by keeping a One Over One Kit in your purse to rejuvenate your glow and revitalize your color with just a few swipes and blends.

Say Om

Many experts believe that taking a few moments each day to focus inward and clear your head can make you more patient, open-minded, and present—traits that will surely come in handy when your uncle tells his college road trip story for the millionth time. Start each morning with a five minute meditation sesh to center your thoughts and set your daily intentions.

Set Boundaries

Sometimes all that time spent with loved ones can drain even the most balanced soul. With emotions high and lots of people coming and going, you’ve got to be a little selfish with how you spend your time and share your affection. Setting boundaries with loved ones simply means deciding your limits for yourself. Not ready to discuss a new relationship? That’s okay! Prefer to read in the study instead of gossip in the living room? That’s fine, too. Be clear with your boundaries and you’ll make it out of holiday season unscathed.

We hope these tips bring some merriment and brightness to your holiday season. Whether you can’t wait for the carols or are triggered by tinsel, the season is fleeting, so we hope you make the most of it.


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