Building a brand takes a 24/7 kind of love. We eat, breath, and sleep 1/1 these days. It didn't start out that way, and we know that once we are up and running, we will need to find a balance between it and life. But for now we are on a diet of lip oils, imagery, and customer service.

As a team, we have been building brands for a while. We have worked with beauty industry heavy weights and new comer digital darlings to set up their stories and identities. We helped launch websites that were destinations the day they opened for business and made iconic brands shine in their own ray of sun. Until we took on the challenge of building our own brand, we didn't have a full understanding of what it means to really build a brand. For us, it started with a seed of an idea that we knew we could dress up beautifully in a package. So we went for it.

We scanned the shelves for a little corner we could fit, sourced materials, researched ingredients, and fostered countless relationships that have shepherded us along the way. 18 months later, we feel like we are having triplet girls. We have named them Base Glow, Duo Tone, and Lip Oil.

While the gestation period was arduous, we are thrilled to bring them into the world and foster their youth with our undying attention. What’s more, we hope to give them sisters in the near future, expanding the One Over One™ family to an admirable collection of natural beauty lifestyle products.

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