People often see my bare face and ask me: how can you own a makeup line when you don’t really even wear makeup?  The answer is simple: I love makeup. Everyone has their own relationship to the products they use and I wanted to share my personal makeup journey, philosophy, and how it informs everything that One Over One™ stands for today.

My Love Affair with Makeup

I have always loved makeup. When I was 6, I wanted to dance ballet not because I loved the twirling or the tutus, but because I loved the blue eye shadow I got to wear at the annual performance. For me, makeup was dress-up, expressive, and really fun. I extended my love of dress-up to college where I often paired purple mascara and hot orange blush. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, it looked cool. Especially on a weird fine arts major.

My Naked Truth

My love affair with makeup is unwavering to this day. I watch countless YouTube tutorials, follow beauty bloggers, and have a makeup line to boot. However, nowadays I’m also almost always barefaced (with the exception of a bit of moisturizer and sunscreen). In college, bright orange blush and purple mascara felt 100% me. Now? No makeup, 100% me.  It has taken me a long time to look at myself in the mirror and feel comfortable with my naked truth, and I choose to follow that truth every day.

My Philosophy? Anything Goes.

Although most days I don’t wear makeup, it remains a passion and I take advantage when I have 10 minutes to look at myself in the mirror and play. But the realities of life, work, and family typically result in maybe 1 minute in the mirror tops. This is one of the reasons I founded One Over One™— to create makeup that is simple, fast, and makes you feel like you took a minute for yourself, and it counted. I want women to embrace the look that makes them feel most themselves— if that’s a full face of foundation, go for it. If that’s a pop of Base Glow on the corners of the eyes and a swipe of Duotone on the cheeks, we got you. My answer to whether I prefer makeup, no makeup, or a no-makeup look? Yes to it all.

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