At One Over One, we’re all about finding a definition of beauty that works for you, but we’re still always asking each other for tips and tricks. Our founder, Jen, is our go-to for good advice. Instead of saving her amazing tips for our company group chat, we sat down with Jen to talk all things beauty, balance, and One Over One.

Tell us about your morning ritual.

I have two young boys, so mornings are really all about them, less about me. I like to make them a healthy breakfast every morning. We have our go-tos, but a house favorite is pumpkin waffles. I use the Pamela’s GF pancake and waffle mix and add ½ can of organic pumpkin, ½ can of coconut milk, a dash of crushed flax seeds, and another dash of pumpkin pie spice. It comes together really fast, and my family is eating a whole grain, fiber-filled breakfast in less than 15 min. I like to top mine with a nut butter, bananas, a sprinkle of salt, and a drizzle of honey.

I try to squeeze in a workout after the kids are off to school or camp, then a quick shower really just to rinse (I am trying to use less soap these days), and then a little day prep. I try to do all of this in about an hour, so the face prep tends to be minimal. I start with a little face oil. I have been using this one followed by a touch of Base Glow, and Duotone, and topped off with Supergoop Mineral Setting Powder.

What about your nighttime ritual?

I’m pretty exhausted at the end of a long day, so our Free Foam was made specifically for me. I pump it on a cotton round and remove the day with a few easy swipes. I like to follow with a toner like the Amareta Bright Side Toner and then another drop of the Le Prunier oil and call it done. I love trying out new products, so there is a revolving door of things I am trying and formulas that I am experimenting with. Nothing is ever the same.

What does beauty mean to you?

This is a question that I struggle with a lot, and I have a difficult time applying the word beauty to myself. As a visual person, I constantly strive to create beauty on a daily basis, whether it is the food I make, the graphics I design, or the beauty products I develop. When it comes to applying beauty to myself, this is something that I am learning everyday. I am currently trying to not be critical of myself when I look in the mirror, trying to smile at myself, and trying to not compare myself to others. Everyday I strive to embrace, love, and cherish my unique beauty, and everyday I get a little better at it.

When did you first become interested in beauty?

When I was seven, I wanted to dance ballet just so I could wear makeup in the performances. I had the cutest set of Hello Kitty makeup complete with blue eyeshadow and baby pink lipstick that kept me in dance shoes for several years. In college, I created quite a bit of art related to beauty and body image. This was the age of Kate Moss, and the very thin body. Which I didn’t have. In my career, I happened upon beauty with a lucky packaging project that blossomed into a deep love and understanding for the industry and the emotional aspects that makeup represents for many women.

Why did you decide to create One over One?

I was working on a project for a large cosmetics brand that makes really pigmented, professional makeup products. When I found myself trying to describe the women who really wears these products, I didn’t see her anywhere I looked. Instead, what I saw were women wearing a touch of makeup, and maybe a bright lip here and there. I realized that there wasn’t anyone making clean, everyday, simple makeup, even though that’s what we are all wearing.

How do you balance your mind and body?

I try to do as much yoga as I can. I recently discovered a practice led by a disciple of Shiva Rea and it is the most connected I have ever felt in a yoga practice. Much of the practice is done with closed eyes, and the movement is flowy, not standing strong in a pose. There is music, and it immediately puts me into a mind/body flow that works. Post-class, I feel like a changed person. Light, connected, and happy.

What are your travel essentials?

I try to travel with the least amount of things in the smallest bag I can find. It tends to just be simple clothes that look good even with wrinkles. I love linen shirts from Muji for this, and simple cotton skirts. I also have a pair of barefoot sneakers that I often pack just in case I want to squeeze in a hike/walk somewhere.

What does your perfect day look like?

I love spending time with my boys, but I also love my husband and myself. A perfect day would be doing something physical in the morning on my own, followed by some time with my family doing something interesting. Maybe a bike ride, a visit to the tide pools, or some time on the water. Followed by a fantastic meal that I didn’t make. I cook all the time, so a break is always welcomed!


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