If you’re a devotee of natural beauty products, you probably know to avoid synthetic fragrances. But do you know why? We thought we’d take a moment to explore the world of fragrance and share some of the skin benefits of the pure essential oils we use to scent our products.

The Dangers of Phthalates:

We all know that our hormones have a huge effect on nearly everything in our bodies—including our skin. When your hormones are out of balance, everything from your mood to your fertility can be affected. Externally, hormone imbalances might show up as rosacea, dullness, dryness, and breakouts. Maintaining peak hormonal health is a complex health issue, but one thing we can all do is avoid products that disrupt our natural hormonal equilibrium.

One of the main things we should avoid is a class of chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates are additives to fragrance that extend the life of the scent and help it adhere to your skin. Scientific studies have shown that phthalates may be linked to serious hormone and endocrine disruption. When the endocrine system is disturbed, your body’s ability to create and process hormones is compromised.

The Issue with Fragrance Labeling:

The FDA treats fragrance as a “trade secret,” which means that cosmetic companies do not have to disclose the ingredients used inside their fragrances. That’s why you’ll often see “fragrance” or “parfum” listed towards the end of a beauty product’s ingredient list. This simple word can encompass hundreds of natural and synthetic chemicals, and yet companies are at no obligation to disclose these individual ingredients to the customer. We recommend avoiding any product that says “fragrance” or “parfum,” unless the product is clearly marked as having 100% natural fragrance or as phthalate-free.

Our Healthy Alternative With Essential Oils as Fragrance:

All of our products are 100% free of synthetic fragrance and phthalates. Instead, we use natural essential oils as fragrance to delicately scent our formulas. We use a light hand when adding essential oils to our products to avoid disturbing people with sensitivities to heavy scents.

The Benefits of Essential Oils for Skin

Our essential oil blend was specifically created to pamper your skin while delivering a natural floral aroma. Neroli, the oil of bitter orange blossoms, is one of the main ingredients in our fragrance blend. Neroli oil has been shown to help stimulate the skin’s natural repair processes. We also use pure rose otto oil. Rose has been used for centuries as a natural beauty elixir thanks to its antioxidant benefits. Bitter orange oil, the final scent used in our products, is a natural astringent, which means it helps balance your skin’s oil production.

Our commitment to natural beauty products is not just about avoiding ingredients that are unsafe for your body; it’s about replacing those toxic ingredients with naturally nourishing ingredients that actually contribute to the glowing health of your body and your skin.

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