Our Go-To Breakfast for Glowing Skin

At One Over One®, we pride ourselves on creating simple products that make it easy to enhance your natural beauty. But we also know that a glowing skin routine involves more than just the products you put on it. The true secret to skin that glows from the inside out? A clean diet that nourishes from within. Follow these three simple tips to start your day with a glow.

Hydrate with Lemon Water

The time you spend asleep is (hopefully) the longest you go throughout the day without drinking water. This means that when you wake up, your body is ready for some much-needed hydration. Quench that thirst with warm lemon water. Warm water is easier for your body to process than its cold counterpart. A squeeze of lemon stimulates liver cleansing and reduces bloat. The vitamin C in lemon also helps support collagen production and skin brightness.

Skip the Coffee

Caffeine is dehydrating and can leave you especially parched after a night without water. Add in a splash of dairy or a lump of sugar to your coffee, and you are increasing the likelihood of unwanted breakouts. Try cutting back on your caffeine consumption and reach for your lemon water instead. It may take some getting used to, but your skin will thank you!

Nourish with Nutrients

For breakfast, keep it simple with a piece of whole grain toast (we love Ezekial bread) topped with avocado and served with a vitamin-packed green smoothie on the side. Not only is this breakfast a filling way to start your morning, it’s full of vital nutrients your skin craves. Whole grains are rich in fiber and contain selenium, a mineral that neutralizes free radicals and helps prevent signs of aging. The natural fatty acids in avocado can help balance your skin’s oil production and prevent dryness. A green smoothie made with lots of veggies like spinach and kale delivers an extra dose of age-fighting antioxidants that can help protect your skin against environmental pollution.

Your skin is a reflection of your overall health and well-being. Whether nourishing from within or enhancing your skin on the surface, seek out simple, clean products like Base Glow that amplify your skin's natural light.

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