Using products that are gentle and good for your skin can have far-reaching benefits, and not just for your complexion! Taking a gentler approach to targeting skin concerns, relieving acne and redness, and pH balancing the skin are all great as is, but did you know that natural products can also boost your energy levels and help you lead a happier, healthier lifestyle?

We know that switching to a nontoxic makeup routine can feel overwhelming, so we’re here to walk you through the benefits and the steps of a clean beauty routine.

Why Should I Use Nontoxic Makeup?

As our skin is the largest organ in the body, it is believed that much of what we put onto our skin can get absorbed into the bloodstream. While the jury is still out on how much of the skincare chemicals can seep into our bloodstream, we know that toxic ingredients such as chromium and retinol can act as hormonal disruptors. These ingredients work to throw off our natural hormonal balance and can lead to symptoms such as infertility, acne, menstrual cramping, insomnia and much more.

In the United States, there are only 30 partially banned ingredients out of more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today! (Whereas the EU currently bans over 1,400 products!) That’s why clean color cosmetics, toxin-free skincare and personal care, as well as nontoxic household cleaners, are so important for contributing to a healthy, natural lifestyle.

However, switching out your entire skincare and makeup collection can seem daunting, costly and hard to do all at once. So, our team at One Over One put together a simple 4 step process to help you make a transition to a natural, non-toxic makeup routine.

1. Check Out Your Products

The first thing to do is to take stock of what you already have lining your shelves. Organize them into the essentials - the products you always use and the ones that you only put on for special occasions. Are there duplicates, expired products or piles of product that you never use? Chances are, you will have more products than what you actually need. Slim these down!

2. Read the Labels

Now that you have edited down your list to the essential or favorite products, it’s now time to check out the labels. Ingredients are sometimes listed on the label, or you can go to that brand’s website and check out what they have listed online. Searching the EWG Skin Deep  database or downloading apps like Think Dirty   can help you differentiate between the good and bad ingredients. By understanding what is already in the makeup you use, you increase your awareness and it becomes easier to make informed decisions moving forward.

3. Find a Clean Cosmetics Brand with Nontoxic Ingredients

Now that you know your essentials, it is time to start hunting for your new favorite clean beauty products! If you live in an area where you have clean natural beauty stores like Credo Beauty, The Detox Market, and Follain nearby, we recommend stopping by these shops as the store attendants are helpful and you’ll get to touch and feel the products for yourself. If you don’t have access to one, you can also find many clean beauty brands like ours online.

Finding a clean makeup brand that is formulated using natural, organic and pure botanical sources that you can trust is essential. Added bonus? Make sure they are not toxic for the environment either and are cruelty-free. They should not use any fillers, artificial preservatives or synthetic fragrances, either. Recyclability of the packaging is a big plus, too!

4. Start to Replace Strategically

If you are really ready to go, replacing all your essential makeup products in one fell swoop can be the most effective step. This will make the biggest impact on your health and you’ll likely see changes in your skin and health sooner. But we know that can be hard to do, so it’s ok to replace your makeup and skincare products one by one as they run out or expire. This makes it a little easier on the bank and also lets you see how your skin is reacting to the products as you try them. Remember that natural doesn’t automatically mean gentle or safe, especially if you are allergic to certain botanicals or fruit pigments, so if you have sensitive skin, this might be a better method.

One Over One Clean Color Cosmetics

One Over One products are made only with nontoxic, clean, natural and organic ingredients. Everything we make is plant-based, vegan and gentle on even sensitive skin. If it seems daunting to switch entirely to natural, non-toxic beauty products, you can start slow and work them into your makeup routine. We recommend starting with complexion items that cover a larger area of your skin first, like your primer, foundation, cheek blush, and highlighter -- and also, lips! Check out our selection of clean color cosmetics at One Over One.

Non-toxic makeup clean beauty cheat sheet.

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