I am constantly trying new products, experimenting with lab samples and ordering buzzy new oils to try. Since my products switch out constantly, it’s a big deal when one sticks with me. I wanted to share a few stand-out products that I’ve been loving recently.



A few products that have struck my fancy are from Mahalo Skincare, a 100% organic and eco-friendly line that uses locally sourced Hawaiian botanicals in their formulas. I have been experiencing some hormonal breakouts and their Rare Indigo Balm has actually helped my skin clear up a bit. I apply the balm on the blemished areas and use my moisturizer du jour on the rest of my face. My blemishes usually clear up in a few days and I wait until the next breakout appears to repeat the process.


I use sunscreen on the regular. It’s the one product where I don’t prefer the natural option. Most physical sunscreens made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide feel very heavy on my face and I just can’t get into that. Protection is a must, so I opt for the Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum. It’s packed with vitamins, feels weightless, and sits well under a thin layer of One Over One™ Base Glow. Plus, it’s made without oxybenzone and octinoxate, two chemical sunscreens that have been shown to kill off coral reefs.

Saje Peaceful Slumber FragranceGoop Knock Me Out ChewsThe Orb Mini Massager


Falling asleep can be challenging some nights, so keeping to an evening ritual is big for me. A product I’ve relied on for a while now is an oil blend from Saje called Peaceful Slumber. While I don’t know if I actually sleep better when I wear it, I love the ritual of putting on fragrance before bed. Marilyn Monroe was famously known for wearing nothing but Chanel No. 5 to bed. I am not that cool, but the ritual does make me feel special.


I am a complete grump with no sleep so I totally commit to winding down. I drink turmeric lattes, take dong quai around my cycle, and swear by Knock Me Out chews from Goop. I usually don’t love chewing on anything before bed (lest anything get stuck in my teeth) but these are worth it. I have tried CBD and THC tinctures and potions, melatonin, magnesium, and more— these do the trick.


I try to forget about my phone completely about a half an hour before I go to sleep. In the time between technology and slumber, I wash my face and coat it with whatever oil, moisturizer, or cream I am testing out. I take some time to roll out on any tension I’ve accumulated throughout the day with my Orb Extreme Massage Ball, read a real book, or talk with my husband. Then I hit the sack. Hopefully fast, and hard.

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