It’s nearly Mother’s Day, which means that suddenly everyone is remembering just how awesome moms are. But as a company that’s run by mamas, we always have moms in mind. Our founder, Jen White, started taking a hard look at the ingredients in her makeup and skincare products when she was pregnant and never went back to high-maintenance, not-so-safe makeup again. A few years later, One Over One was born.

The old cliché that mom always puts herself last is truer than any of us wants to admit. Between carting the kids around, navigating a full-time job (whether it’s at home or in the workplace), and making sure everyone has clean socks and a healthy dinner, self-care rituals tend to get pushed aside. That’s part of the reason why everything we make at
One Over One is designed to simplify your routine. If you think you don’t have time to devote to a little easy makeup, think again. These simple makeup tips take less than a minute, and you can pretty much do all of them without even looking in a mirror. Ready? Let’s go, mama.

Start with Glow

When you’re crazy busy and crazy tired, the last thing you need is to try to figure out how to blend foundation. Our Base Glow awakens dull skin instantly. Because it’s shade-free, it works on all skin tones—seriously, all of them. Smooth a pea-sized amount all over your face to wake up your skin. You can even mix Base Glow with your favorite moisturizer or SPF to fit two steps into one. If you want even more glow, re-apply a small amount to the cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of the nose. Voila, you look rested.

Go Monochromatic

Blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, bronzer—who needs all those steps? Instead, pick one creamy product and apply it everywhere. We love using either the bronze or the rosy shade in our Alizarin Rose Cream Color all over our cheeks, lids, and lips for a chic, monochromatic look. Bonus: the slightly dewy formula will enliven your skin and give you a little glow.

Pop on Some Lip Oil

Nothing helps us feel more put together than a glossy lip. Reach for a formula with a saturated but sheer color and a little shimmer like our Scarlet Bloom Lip Oil. As it hydrates, the lip oil leaves a kiss of color on your lips that makes you look healthy and awake.

With makeup this simple, you can seize whatever fleeting moments of free time you have to take a long bath, do a few stretches, or read a good book. As your family celebrates you this month, remember that you can show yourself a little appreciation whenever you want.

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