Green Your Routine for Earth Day

Every year, we embrace Earth Day as a time to celebrate natural beauty—from the ground beneath us to the sky above. But it’s also time to consider how the products we use every day affect our planet and our bodies. This April 22, we challenge you to check out that medicine cabinet and evaluate the ingredients in your favorite products to ensure they are supporting a beautiful you and a thriving planet.

Avoid Toxic Ingredients

Ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde-releasers are used in many beauty products as fillers and preservatives. While they might help increase shelf-life, these toxic ingredients are linked to side effects like hormone disruption, allergies, and even carcinogenic consequences. In fact, the European Union has banned many of these toxic ingredients from personal care products, but the United States has not. Double-check your products for these toxins and consider safer, cleaner alternatives.

Opt for Organic

Once you’ve eliminated the not-so-natural products in your regimen, look for products made completely or in part from organic ingredients. Organic farming is undoubtedly better for our planet, and even products made partially with organic ingredients support the movement toward responsible farming practices. Plus, organic ingredients are less likely to be contaminated by pesticides and herbicides. Not only is going organic better for your body, it also helps decrease the toxins seeping into the air, land, and water we depend on.

Choose Cruelty-Free

At this point, there is no excuse for conscientious global citizens to support products tested on animals. With decades of research about safe and effective skincare ingredients, companies have no reason to continue testing on vulnerable creatures. You truly do not have to choose between flawless skin and a spotless conscience.

Mama Earth has had our back for almost 5 billion years — it’s time to return the favor. Embrace your inner beauty by choosing natural products designed to nurture your skin without harming the planet. One ingredient, one product, one person is all it takes to make a difference.


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